Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Confidence, Class Change and the Great MLP Conversation

Okay guys! Last week Thursday or so I had a convo with Jordan. Yeah, it's that same Jordan from the very first post ever. So, we were talking about how much I hated YBK and wanted to change out of it, then we started talking about Nate. I told him that I wanted to ask him to the Winterfest Dance and he told me that he would be rooting for me. Suddenly, an amazing thing happened: I gained confidence!!!! I am now super ready to ask him to the dance. However, my grandparents have to think about letting me go considering I kind of got lazy in a class... but that's another story that I won't share with you guys. (Sorry.)
Anyways, on Monday, I was hanging out with Nate and Lizzie and her boyfriend Pearson. :P (Don't really like him but whatever...) One of her ex-boyfriends, Harry, came up and scared the crap out of her as a friendly joke. It was pretty funny, but then she started holding her head in her hands. I thought she was crying cause she missed him or something, but when I comforted her, she was just laughing. Well, it was time to head to class so I went back to get my backpack where Nate was standing and then he just said the most random thing:
"You know, you remind me of Twilight Sparkle."
"I what?"
"You resemble Twilight Sparkle."
"Oh okay. She's one of my favorite ponies. Her and Rainbow Dash."
(chuckles) "I can't see you as Rainbow Dash."
"Hmm. Well, I think of Doctor Whoof when I see you."
(another chuckle from Nate)
The convo went on to include Vinyl Scratch, too. But, apparently I'm Twilight now so yeah.
One more thing to finish off this post is that I quit YBK and went into Video Production. And it's the exact same class and exact same hour and exact same room and teacher as Nate's!!!! Yay! (And Lizzie will be in there to provide more confidence as well...)

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