Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Picking on the New Kid?

(Sorry this is so late guys. This one is for Saturday, Oct. 6)

     It was a cold day outside, but warm and cozy inside the school. It was Saturday and the craft fair was happening. The robotics club was doing concessions, I was prepared to help: I had the motivation (from who knows where) to work, the best people in the world around me, and pink lemonade cookies. That were nasty.
     I was assigned to help with the breakfast/lunch cart and to go around with another team member and gather orders for food. Everything went smoothly and then the orders started dying down. For awhile we didn't have any orders coming in and we were allowed a small break. Which gave another team member enough time to do what he had to do.
     His friend, Gabriel, left to go help with the snack booth leaving me, the team member - whose name is Nate, and a couple of others (such as Mackenzie and this other one named Jack) behind-the-scenes. Not good. Nate came over to the cooler, which was near me and the cart, for some pieces of ice to pop into his mouth. He had leftover water droplets on his fingers, so he turned to look at me and then flicked the water in my face.
"Thanks..." I said.
"You're welcome," he replied.
 I thought to myself, Jerk! You can't just come up to me and do that. I'm not your buddy-buddy that will just let a "joke" like that go. But I didn't say it out loud. And I'm glad I didn't, because what happened next wouldn't have happened I don't think.
One of the robotics leaders asked who was still behind-the-scenes waiting to help. Nate decided he was the one to answer the question.
"....... and that girl over there," he said, pointing at me. I was offended.
"Ha! Um, "this girl" has a name, thank you very much," I snapped.
"Okay." He turned around and restated his answer. "That girl with a name." I glared at him and he chuckled. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. What's your name again?"
"Ellen," I stated firmly, finally starting to relax. Then, I cocked my head at him with confusion. "Wait. Nate, how do I know your name, but you don't know mine?"
He looked at me and shrugged. "You don't talk that much." That was too true and changing TODAY. At the craft fair.
"True," I mumbled, realizing that he had won that one. I finally let him go after that, but it wasn't really the end of it.
More incidents happened such as what started out as a fake punch to my face ended up being a high five. And my favorite:
I finally decided to tell Jack that Nate was picking on me too much and that he should find Gabriel to solve the problem. He asked me what was happening and I told him everything that he had done up to that point. He decided that the best approach was to tell me what was really going on.
"AWWW! He likes you!" he proclaimed. My face must have had a dumbfounded look or something because all of a sudden he just burst out laughing. I, thinking it was a funny and awkward moment started laughing, too.
"That was sooo awkward! Don't ever say that again," I laughed. Then, when him and I started to walk away...
"BOO!" I jumped like five feet in the air before whirling around to face my opponent. Low and behold who should be right behind me, but Nate. He just flashed that same old smile and laughed.
"I'm surprised you didn't realize the first time."
"What?" I said confused.
"I stood there for a long time going boo. boo. booo? Then you started walking away, so I came up behind you and went BOO!" he replied.
Then fear struck. Wait! How long had he been standing there? How much did he hear? I was screwed if he knew anything. He didn't show any sign of knowing anything though so I just shook my head and walked away.
Well, this story is getting really long so I'll wrap it up quick here. He ended up taking my cookies (he said they tasted like strawberries instead of pink lemonade-whatever) and leaving.
So did he initiate me into robotics or does he like me? Don't know I just don't know.

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Moment of Awkward Bliss

  So on Wednesday, my best friend Lindsey was getting ready to perform a makeover on me. It wasn't a lot, just some make-up like eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. Like I said, not a lot. But at the time my moment of bliss happened, we hadn't gotten any make-up out of the travel bag. We hadn't even reached our destination point. And just to be exact, we were in the hallway during the end of school rush. Here's what happened:
   I was right by Lindsey's side while walking in the hallway. Doing nothing except trying to get outside. Then I see Mackenzie walking towards us and I think, Oh crap, what do I do? Say hi? Say nothing? Duck my head? Of course, as usually happens with this kid (for whatever unexplainable reason), I didn't have time to act on any of those. I was totally surprised at what happened next.
   As we walked by each other, he smiled at me and said,
   "Hi, Ellen."
   I blinked in astonishment, but before he walked away I replied, "Oh, hey!"
   Lindsey didn't really notice anything, but I told her about my crush (not this particular incident) later on during the makeover.
   So now, I guess I'm just confused and wondering, what do you do when you like someone, but you don't want to sabotage their relationship they have right now? Is that okay to wonder? Is it even okay to like someone who is already in a relationship? I don't know, you guys tell me...