Monday, February 4, 2013

Adoptable and Adorable

Okay so remember Gabriel? The guy who left me alone with Nate? Yeah well... he said I sound adorable and that I'm fun to hang out with!!!! Wow, an actual compliment from a guy for once! (And that's not counting some of the creepy guys I've had in past years of experience.) So now, I just follow him around like a little duckling hiccuping like a kitten everytime I get nervous ("hiccuping kitten" words of Gabriel). Don't ask why I'm nervous or hiccup at random in robotics, I just do.
Also, I'm trying out those cute little adoptables that you can post on websites, blogs, and stuff like that. So I'll share what they look like with you guys. Well, that's about it. Catch ya guys later!
Love Twilight.

P.S. The adoptables came from this place called chicken smoothie. Follow me at LoveTwilightSparkle.

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