Friday, December 14, 2012

A Pokemon Celebration

Yay! I am officially girl of the week or something.  Here's what happened:

I was at robotics on Wednesday waiting for it to officially start. At the time we were having study hall and I had already completed most of the work I needed to do so I decided to take a break. I turned on my DS and started playing Pokemon sapphire. I was really enjoying myself when (yet again) I was caught by Mackenzie. This time he came to explore his "new Pokemon friend" and almost caught me with my absol who is named after my crush. Thankfully I had switched to vulpix before he reached me. He started telling me about how he used to play sapphire and what Pokemon he used to beat the Elite Four. I nodded my head (I was still listening don't worry. I'm not that rude) and continued to battle the Pokemon on the screen. He then started telling everyone that I was playing Pokemon, so, a gaggle of robotics members came over and started discussing Pokemon and watching me play my game. Then Mackenzie turned his attention back to me.
"Is this your first playthrough?" he asked. I told him yes, which was kinda a bad idea.
"Aww! Congratulations!" he squealed, pinching my cheeks. Then, he patted my head and him and Jack shook my hands.
So, yeah. Best party ever!!!!!

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