Tuesday, December 4, 2012

In love with a creeper and a creeper in love

OK so, I haven't been on in forever but there's a lot that has happened. So here's the update:
After the craft fair Nate kept scaring me a lot more before he died down then stopped altogether. Within that period of time I started liking him and it quickly escalated into the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I am now totally and completely lovesick. I have random laughing fits, I write the best poems when everything I wrote used to suck, and I've cried over the guy twice. Yeah, it's really bad. But hey, I'm getting daily hugs, learning the card game magic, and he's even downloading some of his songs onto my iPod. I'm perfectly and completely happy.
But then there's this other guy named Garrison in my Government class. He's super nice, funny, and friends with my friend Megan and me. But he can be kinda creepy sometimes. Like a week ago he held my hand in class. Today, he rubbed my elbow and knee, and put his arm around me saying, "If I had to choose a girlfriend I wouldn't get one because I want to be with someone I love you know? I can't just get one because I want one or something. Well, I mean not that I wouldn't choose you - I mean..." Yeah. He's a creeper, not really a keeper.
Well, that's all I really had. TTYL! Love ya guys.

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