Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Lost" Feelings Found

  Ok so, I found out who Billy is. Don't know him that well. Thanks, Blake, for the idea. Not exactly interested. So, Billy is out of the way.
  Ray... getting a little better at talking to him. Had a weird dream, though. Nothing bad, no kidnappings, just randomness. (I sat with his table at lunch, ate a frosted sugar cookie, laughed at inside jokes, and he helped me plan a revengeful practical joke on someone.) Anyways, that plan is going good.
  Mackenzie... Mackenzie, Mackenzie, Mackenzie... What to do with a brony who still has your heart. Yeah, you read that right. It's just all of him: his funniness, his hottness (though others argue that), and the fact that we share something in common. The only thing is his girlyfriend. Actually, I'm gonna start using the word girf (from iCarly) in just random situations. This is for anybody, even me. It is not meant to hurt anybody's feelings.
   Back to my hurting heart. I don't really know anything except that it hurts me everytime I see him.
   Well, that's all. See ya next time.

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