Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's A Miracle! (And who's Billy?!!!!)

   Okay, so a little about Ray... He's funny. Kind of cute. Obviously smart if he's in robotics. And he's a friend of Mackenzie's. Yeah... Maybe he's better? Oh well, I'll find out soon, I guess. At least I can talk to him. It's a miracle. A crush I can actually talk to (who wasn't already one of my best friends)!!!!
   The only problem I have now is that Blake (After a scary glare at Mackenzie) is now plotting to set me up with some guy named Billy. Who's Billy? Your guess is as good as mine! If you have any knowledge of this young man please say so, but until then, you might see only snippets of me on this blog as I tell you clues and facts to my new detective case. Excited! Kind of...

    Twilight Sparkle OUT!

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