Saturday, September 15, 2012

Crushes, Robotics, and My Little Pony

Ok. Sorry, I haven't been on in a little while, but things have been crazy the past year.
Anyways, an update on crushes. At the end of my ninth grade year, I wrote a note to this one guy I liked named Mackenzie. The idea of the note was thought up by me and a few friends: Megan, Blu, and Blake. I delivered the note successfully, but I never got an answer. I felt dumb. Well, summer passed on and then school started again. I thought I would never see Mackenzie again (which was good considering the circumstances of last year). I thought totally, and completely utterly wrong. He shares both of my frickin lunches!!!!!!! I thought I was gonna be dead. But I wasn't, even though he still remembered me from last year! One point for me!
Well, a couple weeks passed and I ended up joining the robotics team. And then weird things started happening. In fact they happened just this past week. Here's what happened:
I was helping my friend Addis write an essay in robotics club when we overheard the conversation between my crush and this one girl who is his girlfriend (although I did not know this at that moment). It went a little something like this: "Yeah and they heard this snipping sound and they found out it was the rabbit cutting pieces of the rope for all of them." "Aww. That's so cute." Addis looked at me with a scared look on his face. I just shrugged. I was used to weird comments like that considering the fact that youtube plays a big role in society nowadays. But I wasn't prepared, well both of us weren't, for what Mackenzie did next. He pulled a My Little Pony Friendship is Magic pony doll out of his backpack and set on the computer desk in front of him. WHAT THE....?! My heart sank as I stared on at the little doll. couldn't be. Then he pulled out a human hairbrush for the doll. Oh. My. Gosh. It was true. He was... A FREAKIN' BRONY?????!!!! Seriously. Why am I so attracted to people like this? I mean I like My Little Pony, but I'm a girl!
Needless to say, he is not my crush anymore and I like another guy in my robotics club who is a senior named Raymond. I hope this works...

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