Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gabriel's Spotlight

So, Doctor Whoof has kind of died out, now. I know, I know “She told us that the first time and he came back like a day later… blah blah blah.” Well, this time I’m sure of it. Like honestly, I no longer really laugh at random or think about him or cry over him. Now it’s worse, except with someone else.
In the last post, I talked about how Gabriel was giving me compliments left and right. Well, he also is helping me with my algebra 2 homework, letting me watch him play the new Spyro (you know that game with the little purple dragon?) and explaining how it worked, and letting me work with him side-by-side in robotics. Duckling effect has come back!
Not only that… I am officially his favorite – yes, I said FAVORITE – minion! Yay! I’m so happy; happier than I was around Nate. But then again, he was kind of always in a bad mood even if he did seem happy. I don’t know why I didn’t see it before, but love does blind you in numerous ways.
Also, more exciting news! I am writing a book featuring your fav characters here on Thinking Out Loud such as Lizzie, Gabriel, Nate, and ME! (Maybe some others.) And yes, it is loosely based on a true story just like this blog. (Except, everything on this blog ACTUALLY happened.)
Well, that’s all I have for today. So conquer today, and live strong, and drink lots of Orange Juice. (Don’t ask, I’m random remember?)

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