Friday, April 19, 2013

True love finally?

Okay so:
1. I'm horrible at keeping this blog updated! - and -
2. This is the best, worst, and weirdest thing that has ever happened to me:

So, we all remember Gabriel right? You mean the guy you liked before Ivan? Let us guess, you like him again even though you said you would never love again if Ivan didn't like you?

Wow, you guys are smart! Well anyways, judging by the title it kind of sounds as if I'm dating someone right? Wrong. I'm just very good friends with Gabriel right now and LOVING IT!!!

Why? Because he is the best person in the world (after my family members, of course). He tutors me, teaches me pretty awesome things from his calculus class (and I'm only in algebra 2), I am still a minion (that is valuable and adorable), and he is just super nice! I mean he's given me a ride home - without me even asking - twice!

Now, he's even helping me with my project for my video production class. He and I are going to be building a card tower in the video (and hugging!). Maybe if it turns out well, I'll upload it here (with permission from everyone else first!!!!). ;)

Of course, you're probably wondering why I'm so frazzled out. Well, you see, every other crush I've had once I'm done liking them, they kind of just fade away. I never keep feelings for them. Sometimes I'll have a crush on them again, but none of the feelings are ever really there so the crush, again, doesn't last.

However, with Gabe it feels as if I am falling in love with him the first time every time I see him. It just doesn't go away. He's always in my head and I can't get him out. I love being around him and would do anything for him. Now, I don't mean "oh he likes skydiving I'm going to like skydiving too even though I'm scared of heights." I mean that while still being myself, I'm willing to change any bad qualities (example: lying, stealing, etc. I've never done these!) to make him happy. I love seeing him happy because 1) his laugh is the best 2) he has a great smile 3) his happiness makes my heart flutter 4) he's just the best - and I've been taught that because I am special in my own unique ways I deserve the best.

Well, I have to go and perform my duties as an alicorn. So, until next time: study hard and pass school then enjoy the summer.

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