Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ok, maybe there was a slight exaggeration...

First, "YES, Amari. You were totally and completely RIGHT. Maybe I do still have a crush on him, but that means I like two people now (One more than the other: Daniel then Jordan)."
That whole thing was partly about my last post. I said that I didn't have feelings for my old crush, but apparently my friend was right. I do still have feelings for him, but it's only because.... Ok, scratch that there are alot of things about that kid that I like. Dang you, Amari. And no I do NOT go through them really quickly, as you can now see.*sigh* Why him? Oh, well. He's nice, cute, and absolutely hilarious! *UGH!* I need help...Immediately! Maybe Amari can help because she's smart. Yep. That's my plan: Drag Amari into middle of love life. Yaaaay! Oh no. I'm turning into my friend Morgan. HELP!

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